Sunday, May 14, 2006

Moving On... New Life.

Scenario: Flashbacks.
Sound: "The Unprotected" by Cavalier King
Picture: "New Life"

I just got home from the youth camp for YFC in Alpadi Antipolo. That was the last camp. I am getting too old to be joining the current generation. I think it was time for me to move on. I mean, I've served there for the last five years of my life... and those were among the best years...

I admit, those 72 hours, I've spent like half of them reminiscing. From the first time I stepped into that camp, from the first time I met those people... Until those people became my family, and until the time I was serving God... It's just so hard to let go. But time has come, and I believe that we created a legacy. A legacy that we are proud of.

The YFC Bad Boys Are No More... Hahahaha.. We won't be jeopardizing our chapter anymore... Hahahhaa...

But then again, we are real. We are not pretenders. We do what we want to do. But when service demands, we give service.

YFC Really changed my life. I don't know what person would I become if I didn't accept God in my life. I'll really miss those times.

As we drove away from the site, I looked at the back and saw those new members bonding together...

...Somehow I smiled and quietly said, "That's how legends are born..."

In my heart, I'll always be a YFC member. But for now, there are just some things that I have to do. I won't stop serving. I'll help in another way. Let those newcomers learn the ropes...

Next year, in the next youth camp, there will be a few empty chairs, but the legacy we left them will live on in those chairs, along with our prayers...

Solo Dios Basta... Solo Dios Basta... Solo Dios Basta...

...Time to move on.

Our barkada ran the cluster. We were supposed to be dissolved, because let's face it, we started slow, and a bit of a slack off... But there we grew, there we shed tears, shared laughters, had fights and arguments that eventually led us to become stronger and wiser. And look at our cluster five years after... We spent the youth camp with 70+


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