Thursday, April 20, 2006

Push POWER To Play.

For the past weeks I've been doing this uncanny thing... by uncanny, I mean that even I think that it's a bit weird for me to do... Lately, I've been bored... A lot of things happened in my life that really affected my way of thinking... I found another way to ease myself from getting devoured by such thoughts.

Video Games. Oh yeah.

I can't deny that I've been playing these since I was a kid... It all started with the Atari 2600... slowling moving up to the HD Era of Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Revolution.

I spent close to P20,000 for my current generation set-up. What the fuck have I been doing?!

I call that "Tactical Investment..."

I've been doing this "Buy and Sell" Thing for awhile now... I buy Brand New Sealed Xbox 360 units and I sell them for a little bit higher price... Not that much, but hey, a couple of thousands ain't bad enough, right? (Especially you spend not even a sweat...) I've been blessed with a few buyers, and I purchased some video games as well, [I'm trying this STICK TO ORIGINAL GAMES lately... at least, for Nintendo...] So I've been spending alot lately.

Honestly, I asked myself, what the hell am I doing? I'm 22 years old, damn it, and I'm still staying up late playing "Animal Crossing" on Nintendo Gamecube? Some people may say it's geeky, some people say it's weird... but I came across this sentence that really hit me...

"The Difference Between Men and Boys is The Cost of Their Toys..."

-Isipin niyo nalang. Hehehehe... at least I am earning on what I've been doing...



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