Monday, April 10, 2006


Ahhh... Holy Week once again. This is one of those weeks that will provide nothing but sheer boredom. Almost everybody will be going away for the whole week, some are going for vacations, while some are staying at the city. Whoopedoo...

Last night, I was just lying on my bed, smoking away while listening to the tunes of Starsailor (To be precise, the song is called "Way To Fall." Download it nga pala... ang ganda...) I came to realize some things:

1.I went to a mass yesterday and I got irritated... Mainit kasi, crowded, and a lot of children crying. People find it ironic that I hate busy places considering that I like rock music. Just to clear this up, I listen to rock music. I go to concerts, but only to the concerts of the band I'm friends with, or the bands that I actually like, and I usually prefer to stay at the corner... I came there to enjoy the music. Not to break my bones or others' bones.

2.I ate dinner with my mom, stepdad and my baby sister. Somehow, I felt weird. It was like there was this ridiculously large force field that keeps them away. Are they slipping away or I prefer to stay away? The hell I care... the next thing I knew I was walking alone at the mall, while they shop.

3.I was playing Dead or Alive: Ultimate on Xbox, and I was playing the Ultra Hard difficulty, and I ended up screaming like crazy coz the AI is so cheap! But why on Earth was I doing still playing with it? Hahahaha... Easy answer. Have you seen the DOA Girls? Hahahahaha!... If you keep on playing at the Ultra Hard Difficulty, you'll get to unlock their different outfits.

4.Got off the scissors and created my own iPod nano skin...

...Basta bottom line is: I have so much free time.




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