Tuesday, April 11, 2006

No One Is.

Early morning before going to sleep... (Yeah, I sleep that late.) I made a silent promise... Holy Tuesday, I'll clean up my room, (it's been reeking of cigarette smell, bunch of magazines scattered on the floor, video game controllers everywhere, music CD piles are all over...) I haven't got the groove to spruce up my room for the past days, I felt like I wanted to feel like I am somewhat like an Outlaw, for no apparent reason... Anyway, going back, on Holy Wednesday, I'll try to keep up with my school work... I still have to do this charcoal nude artwork, but where the Hell am I going to get a model?! A hooker? Nah... Saving up for a Nintendo DS...

Surprisingly, I woke up after like 4 hours of sleep... For me it's already an achievement. I took a long bath and started browsing through UK Resistance. I opened my door to my room and all I saw was like the end of the Earth. I cleaned it all up and after like an hour, I'm done.

I wanted to feel different. I still felt sleepy. I hate fish. But I have to because it's Holy Week. I popped in "The Incredibles" in my DVD player and observed how the CG artists developed the movements...

I admit, it's one of my favorite movies. It's always a treat to see a dream family that really cares about each other... But Dash's line when his mom told him that "Everyone is Special", he replied with a scowled face.... "In other words, no one is." It really hit me.

People keep telling others that they are special. That they are important. But then again, God created us equally...

Parang totoo yung sinabi dun sa movie ah.

I remember someone telling me that I complicate my own life. That I see most things in a negative way. That I always find a loophole to see something wrong in something that for their own concern is perfect.

What the f*ck? It's my life...

I don't know why I think this way. It's a bit unorthodox for some people, but hey, that's who I am.



Blogger chuchay said...

I don't know who that someone is (yung nagsabi sayo that u complicate your life)...
maybe he/she's right..
coz when u think negatively about everything, u can't ever see the good things in life. ;-)

2:04 AM  

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