Friday, April 28, 2006

Divine Retribution

Song in my head: "Way To Fall" by Starsailor

Lately, I've been tired. I haven't been keeping up on my daily task (Alright, alright, Nightly Task indeed... [I daydream during the day and I'm awake throughout the night] )
Somehow, I feel like I'm caught in a one-way street. I find myself lost, wondering more often than I used to.

Then it occured to me... I'm Running Out of Time.

I received a text message from one of our Top Animators in Top Peg Animation company, telling us to go to our general meeting tomorrow. It is a must for us to go coz we are under the Diploma Courses. I was hanging out with my friends at that time while having a garage sale somewhere in BF... all of a sudden my eyebrows met each other.

I couldn't speak.
I couldn't react.
I got scared.
My education's about to be screwed again.
I wanted to strike something.
I wanted to take a walk.
Somehow, I couldn't do those things.
I may be going too far from the correct side, but I couldn't help but think that I may be in danger again.
I just smiled.
Here we go again.
The Unsaid Sorrow.

Every morning before I go to sleep, I puff a cigarette or two, enjoying the 5:00am breeze, the silence and serenity, I stare at the morning Sun, and pray to make it through the day... But lately it's been different. I've been praying that everything will be alright, that I will graduate on schedule. (Fuck! I should've graduated this year.) Now I'm already late...

I look at my life and I ask now.

"Where The Fuck Have I Been?"

Hindi Ayos.


Blogger chuchay said...

jord, don't worry :)
it's not about time.
it's about what and how much you've learned ;-)

2:00 AM  

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